Concert Review: Allah Las + The Babe Rainbow At Thalia Hall in Chicago

On Thursday, March 16th 2017 I saw Allah Las and the Babe Rainbow at Thalia Hall. This was my first concert ever attended by only myself. The crowd was super chill, a mix of drunk 23 year old office workers from wicker park and frat brothers. The Babe Rainbow opened up with Aloe Vera, and went … More Concert Review: Allah Las + The Babe Rainbow At Thalia Hall in Chicago

Herbal Cigarette Guide

Herbal cigarettes are a healthy alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes and even marijuana. Herbal cigarettes contain no nicotine either, making them non-addictive. I’ve recently gotten into the practice of blending my own herbs and rolling them myself, and I’d like to share the process with you. I’d like to reiterate the fact that all smoking … More Herbal Cigarette Guide

Senior Banquet

Below is a collection of images taken by me from my senior banquet at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago on February 19, 2017. A good night. Enjoy. this man saved many lives that night. mad respek  

Album Review: Plastic Beach by the Gorillaz

Genre: Alternative Pop, Funky Electric Pop Released: Winter of 2010 One word to describe this record: Eargasm. This album is such a musical masterpiece, my favorite album of my favorite band. The Gorillaz possess such a unique abstract style of music that I really appreciate as more than music. It is art. Plastic Beach is … More Album Review: Plastic Beach by the Gorillaz

The Drunken Donut

Joliet Bakery & Liquors, also known as the Drunken Donut is a gourmet donut shop/ bar in downtown Joliet. People come from all around the world for not only the donuts and beers but the MUSICAL TALENT. Every Wednesday this bakery puts out trays of free donuts and hosts the coolest open mic’s in the … More The Drunken Donut