Herbal Cigarette Guide

Herbal cigarettes are a healthy alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes and even marijuana. Herbal cigarettes contain no nicotine either, making them non-addictive. I’ve recently gotten into the practice of blending my own herbs and rolling them myself, and I’d like to share the process with you. I’d like to reiterate the fact that all smoking of any form is bad for you, and I do not condone it. I DO condone quitting tobacco cigarettes, as they are disgustingly horrible for your body.

I order my herbs off of mountainroseherbs.com, there are a million bajillion different types of herbal cigarettes out there, so do a lil research and find out what kind of cigarettes you’d like to create and what herbs they consist of. Most herbal cigarettes consist of

  1. A base herb- used to fill most of your cigarette, around 50%
  2. A secondary herb- used to add texture to your blend, around 30%
  3. A flavor herb- used to add flavor and taste, around 20%

Today I will show you how to create a peppermint cigarette. The herbs I used are Rosemary as the base, Passionflower as the secondary, and of course peppermint as the flavor.

First, measure your herbs.


3/4 cup of rosemary leaves.


1/2 cup of passionflower leaves


1/4 cup of peppermint leaves.

Second, Mix herbal blend in a bag, and add moisture using a dropper or spray bottle. 


Lastly, use a roller for the sake of convenience and roll your cigarettes. 


I highly recommend using filter tips to help reduce harm to your lungs, and also using RAW brand papers, as they’re made with hemp and no harmful chemicals or additives.


Lastly, Enjoy.

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