Concert Review: Tame Impala at UIC Pavilion in Chicago

On June 9th, Summer of 2016 my friend Matt Sak and I saw Tame Impala in Chicago. I remember this day so vividly in my mind as it was one of the first times I explored the city of Chicago by myself. After a cool day of boarding throughout the loop, I met up with Matt at the bean and we took a taxi to the Pavilion. The UIC Pavilion is a large stadium venue, which isn’t my favorite setting of a concert because it’s not as intimate, but twas’ still a great experience.

A man by the name of Benjamin Booker opened for Tame Impala, and he was pretty alright. Matt and I were up in the stands where we met a cool old man named Joe, who talked to us about cool Australian psyche bands such as Tame Impala and Pond. Very cool man. Joe if you’re reading this I hope you’re having a good day.

Tame Impala is notorious for their awesome and insanely trippy lazer shows and animations during their concerts, and boy did they live up to the reputation. Their set started with a strange green orb of light(below) that wiggled and expanded and spun around in crazy patterns.


Kevin and the rest of the band came out after letting the orb mesmerize the audience for a few minutes, and opened with Nangs, and continued to play all of my favorites by them including Let it happen, Mind Mischief, Alter Ego, Elephant, and Apocalypse Dreams. The frequency that Tame Impala creates music from hits me right in the soul, locking me into a trance of vibey psychedelia. It’s so beautiful. The light shows became more and more intense and intricate as the show went on, eventually morphing into this:


To help you visualize how happy this show made me, I am the man on the right wearing the pizza hat.


10/10 concert

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