Album Review: Plastic Beach by the Gorillaz

Genre: Alternative Pop, Funky Electric Pop

Released: Winter of 2010

One word to describe this record: Eargasm. This album is such a musical masterpiece, my favorite album of my favorite band. The Gorillaz possess such a unique abstract style of music that I really appreciate as more than music. It is art. Plastic Beach is is their most cohesive and conceptual record to date. While they aren’t experimenting with as many different genres of music as they have with previous projects and a lot of the tracks have the same feel to them, it still feels very refreshing and unique. The title fits so perfectly cause the production is quite plasticy and poppy, as if it was manufactured by robots, being very synth-oriented rather than relying on live instruments, with an exception of the first track, ‘Orchestral Intro’. This intro track  features fucking SNOOP DOGGY DOGG over a glossy synth beat that is very enjoyable to the ears. His smooth voice sets the scene for the rest of the album. I use this album to meditate a lot because of how peaceful the songs sound. It really takes you to a different world. Overall, 10/10 album, would recommend to anyone with ears.



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