The Drunken Donut

Joliet Bakery & Liquors, also known as the Drunken Donut is a gourmet donut shop/ bar in downtown Joliet. People come from all around the world for not only the donuts and beers but the MUSICAL TALENT. Every Wednesday this bakery puts out trays of free donuts and hosts the coolest open mic’s in the universe. Every other weekend or so, an official show is hosted w/ a set list of reputable local musicians. I am a strong supporter of environments such as the Drunken Donut. It is a place where anyone can be themselves. Everyone you will meet in this bakery is unique in their own way, it’s so great meeting people here and learning about who they are. So much character among these people. I will post many reviews of concerts I see here because they are so awesome and unique.

The bar is tended by a very cool old polish man named Stan. Great dude.

Below are some pictures of shows I’ve attended in the past year or so.



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