Concert Review: The Wailers at the House of Blues

On January 19, 2017 me and my good buddy Swank saw The Wailers at the House of Blues in downtown Chicago. This was my first time at the House of Blues and I really enjoyed it. The wall art is magnificent and the staff was very welcoming. The crowd consisted of very old, married couples and stoners, I was definitely the youngest person in the entire venue. Anyway, this concert was the first day of my life. The start. My whole life I was sleeping until I felt the vibrations produced by this empowering group of people. If you’ve never listened to Bob Marley and the Wailers I highly recommend you enlighten yourself with their music. My personal favorites are; Is the Love, Buffalo Soldier, Redemption Song and I shot the Sheriff. I heard all of these live and what I’m about to explain to you is something truly difficult to describe with words so bear with me.

THE GREAT GROOOOOOOVE. The great groove is a certain trance humans can enter while listening to amazing reggae music. The Rastafarian Spirits of The Wailers took over my body and took me on a journey to my inner soul. I will feel the spirits with me until the day I die.




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