Concert Review: Taylor Bennett at the Metro in Chicago

On December 23rd my friend Matt Sak and I attended Taylor Bennett’s Holiday Bash at the Metro. This show was super hyped so the crowd was full of preppy frat fat flat splatty phat douche bags that were on molly or coke. Everyone was dressed to the 9’s in their Bape and Supreme hoodies and Balenciaga Sneakers. No one actually knew Taylor’s Music and it was obvious everyone was there to just breathe the same air as Chance the Rapper. They opened with Elz the DJ, an amazingly beautiful human being that filled the room with mesmerizing beats and pulses. Supa Bwe came on with Elz and destroyed his set. Supa bwe connected with the crowd so flawlessly, he is a really cool man. DJ Oreo followed and just ignited the crowd with a most-hyped songs of 2016 set, inlcuding remix’s of No Problem by Chance and Future songs and Lil Uzi Vert. Not my kind of music but DJ Oreo made me believe it was for that set. Taylor Bennett came onstage after and played the best songs from broad shoulders and just had the whole place vibin out even though it was full of squares. Matt and I had a really good time and the Metro was a cool environment.

img_9733 Blurry picture of DJ Oreo trying to start a wave with everyone’s arms.


Elz the DJ vibin out on stage just bein an angel doin her thing.



A good photo of a bad metro crowd


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